Vacation Ideas With A Low Budget

Not everyone has a lot of money to dispose of for an expensive vacation. However, the good news is you can benefit from a lot of fun and a lot of sun, on a budget. So, if you’re thinking of ways of spending quality time with your family and/or friends for this year’s summer days, here are a few ideas that won’t burn a hole in your bank account.

Forest Camping

Especially if there’s a forest close to your town, without dangerous wildlife like bears or mountain lions, a forest camping trip can be very refreshing, an excellent way to disconnect, leave technology and civilization behind, and maybe teach your kids one or two survival tricks. Even if you have to pay for your stay, it shouldn’t be much. And basically the whole cost of the trip should be gas and provisions.

Biking Trip

If you and your family enjoy bicycling, a weekend or a whole week tour, visiting places, old friends and relatives should be an excellent and active way to spend your time off. Evidently, you won’t spend money on gas, only on accommodations and provisions.

Fishing Trip

Not everyone likes fishing, of course, and it would be quite selfish to drag your family along to some lake, and leave them bore to death while you enjoy hooking bass or trout. However, if all your family members love this activity, a fishing trip can be extremely relaxing, and low cost, having a fish-based menu for the stay. Of course, don’t forget to renew your permit, or pay the fishing special taxes if there are any, specific to that particular location.

Car Trip

It can be quite an exciting trip to just get in the car, choose a direction, keep that direction for a couple of hours, and whatever good and fun place to spend some time you find, choose it as your relaxation destination. It’s always fun to try something new, and just in case someone doesn’t like it, simply pack up and move further on.

Themed Vacation

albany-plantationFor a themed vacation, you might need to spend an extra buck, compared to the other alternatives I’ve described above. However, you can still keep it in a decent price range. So, are you and your family “Star Trek” fans? Go to a hotel themed this way. Would you like to live the experience of a plantation owner? Choose an accommodation that focuses on re-creating the atmosphere of a country plantation. In fact, a friend of mine had his daughter’s wedding party in an accommodation such as this. I’ll have to admit, we all had a great time at Albany Plantation.

Beach Hopping

First of all, I have to explain the term. It means moving from a beach to another, if, of course, you live in a coastal area, with multiple beaches. You can either rent a beach small cabin for each night, or lodge at a cheap motel nearby. Each location should have its specific points of fun.

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